Management of multi-currency cash centers

Eurocaisse is intended for banks, CITs, and all companies handling cash and the collection of valuables.

Flow management in cash centers

Eurocaisse effectuates handling of physical and processing flows in your cash center. This includes: processing of cash and collected valuables, supplying branches and customers, delivery preparation of exchange money, value exchange (coins in exchange for notes), payment of collected funds from national bank or other banks, and withdrawal of necessary funds by agencies to supply clients from a national or other bank. It also handles all currencies by keeping one till per currency.

Stock handling

Eurocaisse assures permanent handling of balances by handwriting recognition, and physical stock movements at each entry. Each currency’s balance is constantly followed up. To control the management integrity, a comparison of the two stocks is made upon closing the till.

Follow up of accounts

Being a true tool to follow up on accounting, Eurocaisse effectuates a stop of registered movements of each currency. To create an invoice from the cash center, initial balance, incoming and outgoing balances and final balance are registered. If necessary, Eurocaisse can produce a file containing your clients’ accounting information. It will provide all necessary information to invoice all services, as well as statistics to follow up on your business.

Eurocaisse can be linked to E-Modulo for the management of cash center’s operations.