Management of your packages

E-modulo handles the flow of registered packages in all workstations in the cash center: transport, regulation, cash. The vast functionality of the software as well as the automized operations provide high security for the package modifications in between the workstations and transportation. E-modulo prints all necessary documents accompanying the packages: transport vouchers, book-keeping lists, labels, route planning, exchange receipt. The till mix and the bag allocation is automatic.

Handling of your activities

E-Modulo enables you to save precious time in your administration by carrying out tasks such as invoicing specifications, staff’s working hours and vacations, follow-up of handled volumes – production synthesis, bank allocation per tour – but also by producing statistics and by checking up on vehicle maintenance.

Connection to other software

E-Modulo deals with the preparation of packages to be delivered, and the follow-up of storage. The reception of packages upon tour return is handled manually or by a barcode reader. At any moment, E-modulo can identify the whereabouts of a package.

Transport management

E-Modulo optimizes all operations tied to your transport handling, particularly:

  • Handling of all transport documents
  • Constitution of generic tours
  • Automatic affection of stops of today’s tours.
  • Planning of staff and tasks.
  • Allocation of vehicles and weapons for the tours

E-Modulo can be linked to Eole for automatic handling of transported packages and Eurilys for the management of cash and value processing